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Starr Construction's Approach

New Construction

Construction is a collaborative effort. As a company Starr Construction encourages continuing education and cooperation among our employees and partnership and communication with our clients. Beyond those relationships we make a strong effort to highlight team work and collaboration with our associated tradesmen, designers, engineers, and architects whenever we have the opportunity to work with them. Whether we are forming the team for you or joining your team our goal is to ensure that the project runs smoothly, meets your expectations, and is an enjoyable and creative experience for everyone.

Custom Remodeling

We offer complete contracting services from beginning to end and are adept at executing all aspects of residential construction. Our team of craftsman and associated tradesmen are mindful and thorough and we focus on resilience and beauty. Whether your venture is a new home, an addition, a remodel, or a small renovation we apply the same attention to detail and quality to all of our projects. When it comes to customer service Starr Construction cannot be beat. We place special emphasis on communication and education by working hard to keep you informed on your project both verbally and electronically and taking the time to help you understand the special nuances of what goes into a building project and why.

Structural Repairs

Structure and stability is literally the foundation of a good home. We have been stabilizing failing buildings for a long time. We are able to do whatever it takes. If the building needs to be lifted off of the foundation... we do that. If the crawl space under your house needs to be excavated by hand, on our backs, with little shovels... we do that. If the roof is falling in and needs to be pulled in mechanically and tied back together with steel structural members...we do that. If renovations or restorations require special attention to structural issues... we pay attention. These are the jobs that a lot of people do not want to do because they often involve a lot of hard work. We see them as a challenge and frankly we are pretty good at it.

Handyman Services

Starr Construction applies the same level of service and resources to a small project as we do on our larger ones. Handyman work helps to fill gaps in our scheduling and keeps us working and building relationships. We are happy to trim out a few windows or replace a door and have no problem doing work that fits every budget.

Design Services

We work closely with you to make sure what is produced is what was imagined whether it is architectural concept drawings, technical shop drawings, floor plans, or just a one off detail of a custom piece of furniture or molding. We will collaborate with you and your team to produce the most accurate visual representation of your concept. Depending on the project we incorporate computer aided drafting, manual drafting, and photography into our design schemes.

Consulting Services

The Starr Construction team is very eclectic and well-rounded. We love to analyze a problem and develop a creative solution. Weather it is just sound advice you are looking for, inspection services, or whole house evaluations we will bring all of our knowledge and education to the table.

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